Tyler Andrew: Today

Today I realized its September…. I’ve now been off work, a career I love… for two years… twenty four months since I’ve been a part of a community I love to serve. This time last year… I was hospitalized. My mental health team was trying to find the right diet of pills, therapy and rest. If I’m being honest my memory of last year isn’t fantastic… perhaps for the best. Today I reflect, on these past two years and I feel shame, I feel guilt, regret and embarrassment. Most of all however I feel like a failure. BUT… today… I am here. Something I didn’t believe would happen just a year ago…PTSD has created more challenges than I can describe…BUT. Today…I am here… I am alive, I smile, I laugh, and I belly laugh. (Emphasis on belly) Today I have family and friends who I love, who I value, and who each and every single day I am grateful for… Today… and this is important…my beard is waaaaay better than it was two years ago… Today I am a father, I have a best friend, and someone who inspires me each and every day. Most of all however I have Today. I am grateful… for Today…

To anyone out there who struggles…You have Today… and in those moments you can’t see tomorrow… focus on breakfast…then just make it to lunch…then to dinner…and before you know it… tomorrow has become today. And once you can begin seeing tomorrow again…you become able to look from the rearview mirror to the road ahead… will there be challenges? Potholes? Detours? Absolutely… but your yesterday, the road you’ve left behind you has better prepared you for the road ahead… Today… just focus on Today. Today I am grateful for twenty four months of yesterday’s… and for years before that… because they have prepared me for my tomorrows…and I fully plan on putting the pedal to the floor and sending it.

– Tyler Andrew

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