Philip Sheldon: There is Strength in Numbers

Peloton: In a road bicycle race, the peloton (from French, originally meaning ‘platoon’) is the main group or pack of riders. Riders in a group save energy by riding close (drafting or slipstreaming) near (particularly behind) other riders.

To define the word, it exemplifies my life over the last 4 years. Before this time, mental illness was something that wasn’t part of my life, nor did I think it ever would be. I was adding to the stigma without giving it a second thought.

Since July 2015, my eyes have been opened, and the struggles I thought were my own, belong to so many men and women out there. It is most prevalent in the first responder world. Expecting to put on you armour and go into work, not knowing the horrors you will face every day, and then expecting to go home and act as if it is normal, is anything but. We are told that we are not tough enough for the job, if you show any sign of weakness or emotion in front of others.

My peloton now is Badge of Life Canada. They have shown me that my life matters and there are ways to defeat the horrors that haunt me. They have been my main group of riders, helping me and making me more streamline in my thinking and my physical capabilities. When another one of our fellow brothers or sisters, are starting to lag, we are there to help them out, pick them up, reserve energy for another day and to keep battling forward.

There is strength in numbers and no one needs to fight alone.

Twitter: @badgelifecanada
Instagram: @badgeoflifecanada

– Philip Sheldon S.C., Fundraising Co-ordinator, Badge of Life Canada; Program Shepherd, Badge of Life Canada

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