Peloton Ride

We're stronger together.

Supporting one another

Riding as a group in a peloton formation creates strength in numbers and allows each rider a unique opportunity to lead out in front at times, hide from the wind when necessary or coast at the back securely positioned within the group. The group or peloton functions to serve and protect the individual rider and makes riding in a peloton an incredible experience.

80 km or 120 km

Each group will be encouraged to stay together as one large peloton in each distance for as long as possible. Cyclists that are prepared to work harder are encouraged to stay at the front of the pack while other cyclists can settle into the middle or rear. Well energized cyclists are encouraged to ride throughout the pack to provide support, but common to a peloton, cyclists can move up and back as they wish.

Get yourself ready!

If you need to rent a road bike or an eBike, Gears Bike Shop will ensure you have a suitable and correctly assembled and serviced bike ready for you at the event! Rentals are $75 and please be sure to mention the Peloton Ride in the comments section.

Join us for a great day!

All designated routes begin and end outside of the main entrance to the Mattamy National Cycling Centre (Milton Velodrome). All riders can expect free parking, valet bike service, mid-ride healthy snacks, fully supported routes with medics and support cars, a healthy lunch and beer!