Frequently asked questions.

What are the Ride's start times?

We recommend that you arrive at least 1 hour prior to your start time. This is to give you time to sign-in, pick up your ride package and get yourself ready for One Great Ride:

  • - 120km - 8:30am
  • - 80km - 9:00am
  • - 50km - 10:00am
  • - 25km - 10:00am
What is included in my registration?

All packages include:

  • - Parking
  • - Valet bike service
  • - Mid ride healthy snacks
  • - Fully supported routes with medics and support cars
  • - Healthy lunch and beer
What are the registration costs?
  • - 25 or 50 km $85.00 (make it an event day decision)
  • - 80 km $110.00
  • -120 km $140.00
  • Registration Deadline : September 11 at midnight.
Why MEN's mental health?

In addition to the loss of our dear friend, research on the subject has revealed troubling statistics:

  • - In Canada, in 2011, there were 3,728 suicides. 2,781 of these suicides were male (Statistics Canada, 2014)
  • - Men aged 40-60 have the highest number of suicides in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2014)
  • - Women attempt suicide more often than men, however men die by suicide three times more often than women (Statistics Canada, 2014)
  • - Middle aged men die by suicide more often than any other group

We chose to focus on men’s mental health for the Peloton Ride in order to help affect change with a sector of society that is reluctant to talk about emotions – let alone mental health challenges. By helping these men, we are also supporting the women in their lives, their children, families, friends and business partners.

What happens to the money raised by this event?

100% of your personal donations and 15% of all route registrations are donated to Trillium Health Partners Foundation in support of men’s mental health initiatives.

Remaining funds will be used operationally to cover the expenses associated with building and delivering a safe and enjoyable Peloton Ride and event.

Do all the routes start and finish at the same location?

Yes, all routes start and finish outside the Milton National Cycling Centre - also known as the Milton Velodrome.

Where is the parking?

Parking is available outside the Mattamy National Cycling Centre (Milton Velodrome) and additional parking will be arranged if necessary.

Is the event timed?

No, the event isn’t timed – we urge groups to stay together in a peloton but you’re welcome to stay with your group or move faster or slower and join another peloton if you like.

Is there an age limit?

No – not at all. We encourage riders of all ages.

What type of bikes are allowed?

Any category and model of bike is allowed on any distance.

For the longer distances, we recommend drop handlebar road bikes with thinner road bike tires - this ride is 95% paved with the odd secondary road gravel section.

e-bikes are also encouraged and recommended for participants that have not had the time prepare for the ride but still want to experience the event.

Can I ride a shorter/longer distance than what I registered?

Absolutely, you are not committed to the length you have registered for.

For those that choose to increase the length of their ride, we work on the honour system. Although should you ride a shorter distance, we will not be able to reimburse your registration fee.