Ride with us on September 14th to raise awareness about men’s mental health and suicide


On September 14th, we will ride in memory of the ones we have lost to suicide and in the hope that we can help all men who may experience struggles with mental health and suicide ideation. Let us reduce the stigma around suicide and encourage open discussion.

The troubling statistics


suicides in Canada (in 2011)


were males


year old males represent the highest risk for suicide

How you can participate

Community Ride

(25 km or 50 km)

Peloton Ride

(80 km or 120 km)

[ rentals are $75 and be sure to mention the Peloton Ride in the comments section ]

Sharing our stories

Triumph over Anxiety and Depression

July 24, 2019

My heart began racing and pounding. I had the feeling that I was going to die and I was shaking. My chest hurt. I felt dizzy and that I was out of control. The fear was excruciating. That was 36 years ago. My first anxiety attack. My name is David Blaser. I’m a successful Executive […]

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Why Men’s Mental Health?

June 28, 2019

When a successful, prominent and well-known industry leader in the cycling community died from suicide unexpectedly last year, it shocked and surprised most everyone who knew him. Almost no one had any idea of his challenges and deep struggles with mental health. He spoke to few people about what he was facing and had trouble […]

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The World’s Toughest Ride – LIFE.

June 9, 2019

I can remember the exact moment I experienced real sorrow. I was nine years old and my father had succumbed to a brain aneurysm after spending thirty days in a coma. Two weeks previous to his death I had tried out for the AAA Mississauga Reps Hockey and made the team. I shared the news […]

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